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We're sure you've had questions about our site classifications, so we would like to explain it a little better for you here. If there is still something that is unclear, you're welcome to either email us or use our forums to inquire.

To make life easier on everyone we've classified each site according to the nature of the site.

Here are the descriptions of our classifications:

ID: 1
Type: Braindump
Title: Braindump

IT IS OUR OPINION that this website is selling, or promoting the sale of, materials that are believed to harm the value of IT Certifications. We cannot say with 100% certainty, but why would you want to take the chance with this site when there are 40 known legitimate websites between the two lists below.

If you don't believe us, try asking around at some of the well-known IT Certification forums such as certforums.co.uk or ProProfs.

If you are the owner or webmaster of this site, we want to help you provide a better environment for the Exam Candidates who patronize your website. Please read our Guidelines on changing the classification of your site. If you are interested, you can contact us through our Contact Form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

There are hundreds of legitimate Practice Test Providers, free or otherwise that will NOT put your certifications at risk.
For more info, CLICK HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 2107
Searches: 646889
Avg/site: 307.018984337921

ID: 2
Type: In Progress
Title: In Progress
Description: We are finding many of the sites in this category difficult to assess. We apologize for the time it is taking, but we assure you once our assessment is complete, it will be accurate. If you have honest, unbiased information that may help us in clearly determining the nature of this site, we encourage you to let us know. If you are an affiliate or representative of the site, or you urgently need information regarding this site, please use or contact page or post the information in our forums. We wish you the best of luck on your certifications.

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 538
Searches: 136466
Avg/site: 253.654275092937

ID: 3
Type: Safe
Title: SAFE
Description: This site appears to be providing their own study material, or they are a legal reseller for another practice test provider that writes their own questions and answers. We've completed in-depth investigations of the site, it's forums, and other related sites (including the ownership and affiliations). THIS is the kind of PTP you should be looking for.

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 649
Searches: 241761
Avg/site: 372.513097072419

ID: 4
Type: Gunmen
Title: Gunmen
Description: This site is a front for hired gunmen who illegally take money and claim to give people's exams by proxy. They usually make money by scamming their customers. Stay away at all costs !!
Need help finding a Practice Test Provider? Try HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 99
Searches: 32637
Avg/site: 329.666666666667

ID: 5
Type: Reserved
Title: Reserved
Description: This domain is similar to others we may have in our database but is currently inactive; meaning that the site is probably not owned by anyone at the moment.
Need help finding a Practice Test Provider? Try HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 130
Searches: 39763
Avg/site: 305.869230769231

ID: 6
Type: Unrelated
Title: Unrelated

The site you searched does NOT appear to be related to IT Certifications. The most common reason to receive this message is the incorrect domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.)

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 158
Searches: 40205
Avg/site: 254.462025316456

ID: 7
Type: Link Dump
Title: Ads & Links

Are you sure you have properly typed in the name of the site you're looking for? Often these type of sites are closely named to take the traffic that could be going to the site you are looking for. If you're 100% positive, then...

This site may or may not be clean itself, generally this is an SEO ploy to boost traffic prior to filling it with braindumps. However, the information on these pages is often infested with links to braindump sites. Proceed with caution!! You're welcome to use the search as much as you want, so please check the other links you find as well.
Need help finding a Practice Test Provider? Try HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team

Sites: 538
Searches: 133194
Avg/site: 247.57249070632

ID: 9
Type: Dirty Forums
Title: Dirty Forums

We've investigated this site and found that the Moderators and Administrators of their forums do not regulate or manage the trade of braindumps. Often, we've even found them engaging in the trade.

This site will remain listed as a Dirty Forum until all references, suggestions, and requests to braindump materials have been removed AND the Moderators/Administrators take some responsibility by helping prevent the use and trade of copyrighted materials.

If you're a member of this Dirty Forum, please take a moment to copy & paste the link below into a post so that all the members, Moderators, and Administrators know of their status. Doing so may help to reduce the braindump references on the internet.

Need help finding a Practice Test Provider? Try HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 34
Searches: 10027
Avg/site: 294.911764705882

ID: 10
Type: Test Vouchers
Title: Test Vouchers
Description: This site only deals Test vouchers. We see nothing wrong with buying or selling test vouchers, it is a legal trade and people make money off of it.

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 20
Searches: 8827
Avg/site: 441.35

ID: 11
Type: Classroom
Title: Classroom/Personal Training
Description: This type of site primarily deals with students in a classroom environment. There are, however, two types of classroom environments that you should be aware of, "bootcamps" and "accelerated learning". We encourage you to look into the type of classroom training you are interested in prior to entering into any contracts. CertGuard does not see anything wrong with either method of training, as long as the materials they are providing you with adhere to the Certification Vendor's non-disclosure/exam candidate agreements and do not put your certifications at risk. NOTE: Determining the nature of the study materials provided by this classroom environment is beyond the scope of our duties.
Sites: 641
Searches: 170553
Avg/site: 266.073322932917

ID: 12
Type: Certification Vendor
Title: Certification Vendor
Description: You're searching to see if a certification vendor is a Braindump Provider? Or would you like to know if they are a legitimate Certification Vendor?

If you've answered yes to either of those questions, we wish you the best of luck!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 256
Searches: 72996
Avg/site: 285.140625

ID: 13
Type: Suspicious
Title: Suspicious Behavior

Handle with care! Suspicious sites have been reported by other members of the community and often have a poor reputation. Please note that most of the information left on sites such as BadBusinessBureau and the like are often left by competitors and disgruntled employees, and much of that information has been proven to be untrue. All we are saying here is that we have seen such information and that you should be cautious about using their products or services.

This does not always mean that the study materials provided by this site contain illegal content or will put your certifications at risk. It is meant to be a simple warning so that you will be more careful when dealing with this company.

-- The CertGuard Team

Sites: 22
Searches: 5661
Avg/site: 257.318181818182

ID: 14
Type: MassDistribution
Title: Mass Distribution Website

We have found various types of study materials on this site, so you need to be more specific.

Using some study materials found on this site may be dangerous!. Mass Distribution websites are breeding grounds for braindump peddlers, but even if you've found something legitimate the copyright owner of that material may not approve of its distribution on this site.

Before you put your certifications at risk, we suggest you do more research on the owner of the study materials. Your best bet is to look for the name of the Practice Test Provider (which is generally associated with the test/download) and then research that Practice Test Provider.

Need help finding a Legitimate Practice Test Provider? Try HERE!!

-- The CertGuard Team

Sites: 507
Searches: 99632
Avg/site: 196.512820512821

ID: 15
Type: Books
Title: Books & Publications
Description: It should be fairly obvious that any book that was written for a specific subject is not going to contain illegal material (although we suppose it is only a matter of time before that happens).
Thanks for supporting CertGuard!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 49
Searches: 16723
Avg/site: 341.285714285714

ID: 16
Title: Exam/Test Delivery Partner

This site is owned by one of the Exam (or Test) Delivery Partners. Any study materials sold through this site are of a safe nature and will not put your certifications at risk.

Thanks for supporting CertGuard!

-- The CertGuard Team
Sites: 25
Searches: 7820
Avg/site: 312.8

ID: 17
Type: Good Blog
Title: Blog: Good Source of Information
Description: This blog is published by someone that we feel has your certifications in mind and at a minimum appear to be genuinely interested in maintaining the present value of IT Certifications. This is someone we want on our side!
Sites: 86
Searches: 14562
Avg/site: 169.325581395349

ID: 18
Type: Bad Blog
Title: Blog: Bad Source of Information
Description: Stay away from this blogger! CertGuard does not trust what they are saying and feel that their only intention is to devalue your certifications. That, and we've found braindumps, or references to braindumps on thier blog.
Sites: 210
Searches: 35853
Avg/site: 170.728571428571

ID: 19
Type: New Site
Title: New Site

Thank you for bringing this website to our attention. If you spelled it correctly and it is related to your IT Certifications then our editors will ensure its entry into our database and that it is properly classified.

Before you leave, please verify, once more, that you have correctly entered the domain you're looking for. Doing so, will ensure that we provide you with accurate results.

If you are the owner or webmaster of this website, we encourage you to Contact Us to let us know more about your website, certification products, and certification services.

Sites: 0
Searches: 0
Avg/site: 0

ID: 20
Type: IT Jobs
Title: IT Jobs

This site provides some form of employement assistance to certified professionals in the Information Technology Industry. If you are certified and looking for an employer or you are an employer looking for a certified professional, this site may be able to help you find what you need.

This category is comprised of websites related to IT Jobs, IT Recruiting Services, Resume Writing Services, Employment Agencies, or Staffing Agencies.

Similar sites can be found on our IT Jobs Page.

Sites: 86
Searches: 23078
Avg/site: 268.348837209302

ID: 21
Type: Media
Title: Media

Media sites are generally a good source of information for your certifications and other industry news; but they usually do not provide Practice Tests or Study Materials. They may, however, provide information on many different types of study materials, good or bad.

If you are interested in a particular practice test mentioned in an article or blog posted in this website, you may want to find and search for that domain instead.

For a complete list of Safe Practice Test Providers, Visit our Reviews Page

The best of luck to you on your path to certification.

Sites: 54
Searches: 16455
Avg/site: 304.722222222222

ID: 22
Type: Search Engine
Title: Search Engine

This site is what we refer to as a SEARCH .. ENGINE. If you put a keyword or phrase into the little box on their site, it will return all sorts of results....sometimes even millions of results that you can sift through.

This site actually has nothing to do with certifications directly, but it will provide you with unlimited resources that you should follow up with here in our search.

Here is what you do: Go back to that search engine and pick one of the sites that you would like to know about. Then, come back to THIS page and input THAT site (not the search engine) into our search. If we have inforamation on that site, we will let you know.

Good Luck on your Cerifications.
-- The CertGuard Team

Sites: 9
Searches: 3371
Avg/site: 374.555555555556

ID: 23
Type: Accredited
Title: Accredited

Excellent Resource! This site was determined to be an Accredited Institution or Accredited Online College (eCampus) which gives candidates the opportunity to further their education by earning an Associates, Bachelors, or sometimes Masters degree.

In order for this site to have been classified as Accredited, it must have been Accredited by one of these US Accrediting Agencies or other accrediting agencies outside the United States.

Sites: 24
Searches: 6500
Avg/site: 270.833333333333

ID: 24
Type: Test Center
Title: Test Center
Description: This website belongs to what we believe is merely a test center. It does not appear that there is any direct relation to other websites classified as Bootcamps, nor does it appear to be directly owned or operated by either of the Exam/Test Delivery Partners.
Sites: 1
Searches: 182
Avg/site: 182

ID: 25
Type: Hardware
Title: Hardware

It appears that this website sells or rents hardware, or "rack space" often used for helping exam candidates work towards earning their certifications.

Sites: 8
Searches: 1629
Avg/site: 203.625

ID: 27
Type: Safe Forums
Title: Safe Forums

CertGuard has designated this website as a SAFE Forum and we believe they are a great resource for your certifications. The administrators, moderators, and other members of this forum are dedicated to helping other candidates approach, prepare for, and pass their certification exams honestly, ethically and legally. Additionally, it appears this site does not tolerate cheating or the use of braindumps.

Sites: 15
Searches: 9342
Avg/site: 622.8

CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications by preventing and bringing awareness to cheating
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications by preventing and bringing awareness to cheating
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
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