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The CertGuard Seal of Approval

CertGuard has come up with a way for certification websites to PROVE that their study materials are 100% legitimate and that they will never put your certifications, or your career, at risk.

Our method of verification will tell you instantly whether a website is using our seal legitimately or they have pirated our seal.

Each seal is provided a unique number which is linked to the website information in our database. This ensures that each seal is unique, tied to a single website and virtually fraud proof. This method allows us to know when a site is fraudulently using a seal registered to a specific certification website.

Whenever you come across a site that bears this seal, click on that seal to verify the site's authenticity. The following seals are examples of what you will see.



Click to Verify this site! Click to Verify this site!
This is the look of a legitimate seal. This is a fake seal that has been pirated by the website you're researching.

Notice that the fake seal and the real seal could look identical. The only way to know for sure is to click on the seal itself. If this seal is found on a website and clicking it does not bring you to this page then it is a definite FRAUD. Please notify us immediately if you see an immitation.

Another way of determining if a site is legitimate is to view our list of Partners. Every seal bearer becomes an authorized partner of CertGuard. If the site is not listed as a Partner, then they are falsifying the CertGuard Seal of Approval.

What this seal means
The site has proven to CertGuard:
  • That their Practice Tests / Study Materials are NOT braindumps.
  • That the practice tests / study materials were written by them or by Subject Matter Experts paid by them to write the material.
  • That their Study Materials are NOT in violation of the Exam Security Agreements of any of the vendors that they provide study materials for.
  • That they will NOT put your existing or future certifications at risk.
What this seal DOES NOT mean
This seal DOES NOT verify/guarantee:
  • That the company/site morals or business ethics meet your standards.
  • That the company/site customer relations will meet your standards.
  • That you will pass the exam using the Approved site's study material.
Become trusted in the industry

Join the ranks of the best Certification Websites on the internet. If you run a clean, legitimate IT Certification website and you want customers to know that they're going to get study material that will not only help them pass their exams, but will also keep their certifications safe, all you need to do is complete our quick request form and let us go to work for you.

Once your request is received, we will contact you within 24 hours. After our initial contact we will require an additional 48 to 96 hours to investigate your site before we contact you with our decision.

Has CertGuard already classified your website as 'SAFE'?

If so, then you're well on your way to becoming a trusted source in the IT Industry.

Basically, what we are saying by classifying your website as 'SAFE' is that your website is now eligible to earn our Trusted Seal of Approval. The steps we have taken up to this point are just the preliminary checks into the main process of getting you that Seal of Approval; if you choose to go that route. Our Seal of Approval is by no means required and not earning our Seal of Approval will not harm your website's reputation in any way; but some websites like to have that extra acknowledgement showing that CertGuard has certified their materials.

Up to the point we classify your website as 'SAFE', we have spent (on average) 4-8 hours researching numerous aspects of your business. We may have even contacted you at some point without your knowledge.

What does this all cost?

Up to this point, absolutely nothing. The services we have provided you, and your potential clients, have been completely free of charge and we are not asking for anything more from you. Should you choose not to support CertGuard, your website will continue to be advertised free of charge (so long as it is not promoting the sale or distribution of illegal or copyrighted materials).

If you think you might be interested in earning the CertGuard Trusted Seal of Approval, we have setup Annual and Lifetime membership plans which will allow you to determine which is the most cost efficient for you. Please contact us for more information about the packages we offer.

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CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications by preventing and bringing awareness to cheating
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications by preventing and bringing awareness to cheating
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
CertGuard Inc - Protecting your education and certifications
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